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small businesses
look great.

Whether you just need a logo or an entire branding system and website, I’m here to elevate your small business, event, or personal brand with simple, thoughtful design. I can help you with your messaging and content, too.

I was working in the museum field when I decided to pursue graphic design in 2015. My background studying people, languages, and culture gives me the advantage of tuning into design problems on a human level and finding creative solutions.

I’m a versatile artist with experience designing for print and digital media. I’d love to hear from you about how I can help with your project!





A team of artists at Custom Ink, where I work, is testing “design elevation:” selected customers’ saved designs are elevated for free to encourage conversion. Elevated designs are created in approximately 20 minutes and have a goal of staying within the same ink color count (or reducing it to save the customer money) and staying within a similar intention of the original art. Here are some of my examples of design elevation, showing that I can quickly conceptualize and execute design solutions within set parameters.








My hometown church needed an updated design that members could wear for a few upcoming events and also to represent the church within the community and at conferences.


The Satisfaction team at Custom Ink in Charlottesville, where I work as an artist, needed a design for their 2018 Spring season swag and asked me to create one for them. It needed to work on any item, in any color, as small as a tumbler and as big as a hoodie, since the team was voting on both a design and an item to print it on. I created three options, all with a hot air balloon theme, which Charlottesville is known for as part of our beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


The winner! 🎉


This design was for a family going on vacation to Cancún to celebrate multiple family members’ 60th birthdays. They asked to include their family catchphrase in the design.